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We Want Our Customers to Feel Like They Did the Day They Bought Their Car

No other experience compares to driving on the open road in a brand new luxury vehicle. The smell of the leather, the feel of the seats, the spotless dashboard without a speck of dust on it. It invokes a sensation like no other—a sense of pride and ownership. 

Many luxury car owners work hard to keep their vehicles looking as good as they did on the day they bought them. But maintaining that new car feel on your own takes hours and hours of work every week. Vacuuming, dusting, tediously buffering every scruff mark on your car’s paint job—it all has a cost in time. 

Our objective at Auto Concierge Hawaii is to keep your car feeling great without your having to spend hours maintaining it on your own. And we do this task so well, we are confident you will drive off feeling like you’re in a brand new car. 

We Specialize in Luxury and Exotic Car Detailing

The team at Auto Concierge Hawaii has been working with luxury and exotic vehicles for over 15 years. We have professionally detailed many of the most well-known and coveted luxury vehicle makes and models on the roads today, including Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. 

  • Luxury brand awareness: All of our technicians are required to learn the various nuances that make each luxury vehicle special. Requirements for paint upkeep and maintenance, as well as specialized cleaning supplies, are all part of the Auto Concierge Hawaii detailing process. 

  • Material restoration and upkeep: Exquisite materials can be found in the interiors of all of the most notable makes and models, from high-profile leathers such as Bentley leather and Ferrari leather to Alcantara, wood, and carbon fiber finishes. The team at Auto Concierge Hawaii is trained in the handling of all of these different types of materials.  

  • Non-intrusive cleaning methods: Our goal is to make your car feel like it did on the day you bought it. That means putting a focus on restoration and preservation. We don’t want you to feel like you’re driving off in someone else’s car, after all!

  • Incredibly high standards: Every vehicle we detail is meticulously assessed, thoroughly cleaned, and reassessed to ensure perfection. We have higher standards than any other luxury detail shop in Honolulu.   

  • Product Quality: We use only the best cleaning equipment and Ceramic Coatings on the market. Period.