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We created this page as a quick reference guide to our most Frequently Asked Questions. In addition you will  find some resourceful information on how to take care of your car, recommended products, wash methods and more.

The cost to apply a Ceramic Coating on your car will depend on several factors including size, paint condition, the type of coating you select and surfaces covered like paint, wheels, glass, leather and plastic. Please check out our Ceramic Coatings Page for more details.

After all the prep work is finished, the Coating is carefully applied by a certified applicator’s as a liquid, one panel at a time, covering all the exterior painted surfaces. We do this in our climate controlled garage to avoid any dirt and it also allows us to check the coating bonding process as we do the work. Depending on the selected coating, the finished car will undergo a baking process using Infrared lights to ensure the best bonding process of the coating in to the paint.

All of our packages will include the prep work which is the most important step in all Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film applications, the selected product, a light detail inside the vehicle so it feel brand new when you get it back from us! We also offer Pick up and Delivery of your vehicle at no extra charge. Just gives us a heads up if you need it.

We advise that every 12 months the vehicle is thoroughly decontaminated by the removal of any road tar, iron, tree sap and industrial fallout deposits that may have accumulated. Following that, it's recommended you apply an SIO2 sealant to rejuvenate the ceramic coating and enhance its hydrophobic properties. Our preferred choices are the Modesta M2 or the Vonnix Ceramic Blend 

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