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Learn More about Ceramic Coating Cost, How long does it last, and the difference between Ceramic Coatings vs. Wax




Learn More About How We Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint Job, from Drop-Off to Pick-Up

Why Choose Sergio’s Garage for Your Ceramic Coating? 

Sergio’s Garage has become the island’s primary destination point for professional auto detailing and ceramic coatings. Since opening, we’ve delivered exceptional results to thousands of clients. We’ve successfully coated over 2100 vehicles and counting! 

We use only professional grade for our ceramic coatings, including Modesta’s Glass Coatings line of products.

Our technicians are highly trained on how to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle.  Every last square inch of your car is meticulously prepared before applying the coating. The result is a car that looks better than the day you bought it. Guaranteed. 

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Clear expectations and pricing transparency​​


Quality, eco-friendly products

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​More About Ceramic Coatings


Originated in Japan over 30 years ago, ceramic coatings are taking over traditional waxes and sealants when it comes to vehicle paint protection. One question we always get is: How long does Ceramic Coating Last? Our coatings have an  expected longevity of 3+ years under proper care and maintenance, some will last much longer if garage kept and not run trough a car wash. Coatings will also enhance the looks of your car’s paint especially if the job is done at a reputable place where the trained technician will perform a good paint preparation before the coating installation.

Another popular question is: Is Ceramic Coating worth it? It really depends on how you will care for it. If you just have it applied and don’t wash properly, drive it trough a car wash and don’t use recommended maintenance products, its probably not worth it…..However if you follow our maintenance regimen (which is really easy) you can see a huge value, as your car will remain cleaner for longer, have an amazing shine and look brand new every time you wash it.

With the increase in popularity of Coatings, a lot of new auto detail shops are starting to offer those coatings. Please be aware that not all Ceramic Coatings are the same and especially not all technicians/installers are the same.

Installing a ceramic coating the right way on a car’s paint can take several hours to several days. The process is complex, and no steps must be skipped to avoid product failure. Paint preparation is key to a perfect install. Remember the old saying “You always get what you pay for”Look for value vs. price when shopping for a Ceramic Coating product.

Sergio’s Garage specializes in CeramicGlass and Nano Coatings. Our experience dates back to 2013 when we first introduced Modesta Glass Coatings in Hawaii, and since then we have been an exclusive installer in Honolulu. Modesta coatings are the pinnacle of automotive paint protection and uses the highest grades of material to produce their coatings, only the very best detailers in the world get to offer Modesta to their clients.